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We hope you can find the answer to your questions below.

Of course, we welcome you to send us a message if you cannot or if you simply wish to know more!

What is the process to adopt?  

An application to adopt is found on our webpage. Once it’s completed and submitted, one of our volunteers will process it. If there are current pets in the home, we contact the veterinarian to be certain that the pets are up to date on vaccinations and are receiving appropriate medical care. We contact personal references, and finally, if all is good thus far, one of our volunteers will visit you in your home. If there are any questions during processing, we will contact you. Finally, you will be notified whether your application is approved or denied. If your application is approved, an adoption time and place will be scheduled.

What is the status of the application that I’ve submitted? 

Our goal is to place pets in forever homes as soon as possible so we do our best to process applications in a timely manner. However, we take all the time needed to be absolutely certain that the home is the best possible situation for the pet in question. We check references carefully, consult with the pet’s foster home, and visit you in your own home. This process can take 7-10 days, but our goal is to do it more quickly. You can help by contacting the people that you’ve provided as references and request that they respond as soon as possible to any voicemail or e-mail messages left by our volunteer.

Is the adoption amount negotiable and what is its purpose? 

We are a non-profit organization operated entirely by volunteers. No salaries or other monetary compensation is provided to the people who rescue, foster and rehabilitate the pets. However, we have many expenses associated with the pets that are in our care. All pets coming into our rescue receive a veterinary examination and are brought up-to-date on vaccinations. Some need dental cleaning and extraction. Most need to be spayed or neutered. Some have illnesses or life-threatening conditions that must be addressed. These pets are treated as if they are our own pets, and no needed treatment is denied. A donation is for the purpose of helping all of the pets in our care.

Where are you located? 

All of our pets are in foster homes so there is no one location where you can go to see all of them. We do, however, have frequent Meet & Greet events where fosters bring their pets to meet the public and answer questions. Not all pets are there each time. You can learn when these events will be held by following us on Facebook or checking the Events on our webpage.

Is it possible to meet a pet prior to submitting an application?  

We want to do all we can to place pets in their forever homes as soon as possible. However, because our fosters get so many requests for meetings and information, it’s sometimes necessary to limit our responses to applicants.

Can I get more information about an available pet?  

If you can be specific about what information you’d like, we'll do our best to help.

How do you do the required home visit if I don’t live in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area? 

When possible, we use Facetime or Skype. If this isn’t possible, we'll find someone in your area to do the visit. Often, a different rescue group will do a courtesy visit.

Do you require a fence?

To better ensure the safety of the dogs, we prefer that they be adopted into homes that have a fence. However, occasional exceptions are made. Decisions are typically made by the dog’s foster who is familiar with the characteristics of the individual dog. It’s also important that the adopter have a definite plan for the safety of the dog when it’s outside the home.

Do you ship the pets?

We don't ship or deliver our pets. In order to adopt, you must travel to the Omaha/Council Bluffs area for the adoption to take place.

Where do you get the pets that are available for adoption? 

This varies. The most common reason pets come to us is that their original owners are no longer able to care for them. Some of our pets are retired from commercial breeding facilities. Each case is different.

What does it mean when a pet is marked as No Longer Accepting Applications or Adoption Pending

The No Longer Accepting Applications or Adoption Pending statuses means that a home has already been selected for the pet. That applicant has already been contacted, and arrangements have been made for the adoption. When a pet remains pending for a few days, it often means that veterinary work needs to be completed prior to the adoption or that travel plans need to be made. A pet marked as “No Longer Accepting Applications or Adoption Pending” is no longer available unless the “No Longer Accepting Applications or Adoption Pending” label has been removed.

What if I adopt a pet that doesn’t work out for my family? 

Please contact us. We will work with you to help resolve the issue if that is possible. A pet can always be returned to us, if necessary. If it’s within 30 days, we will refund the amount that you donated.

Would I be able to “borrow” a pet for a trial period to see how it does in my home? 

We don’t provide for a trial period. It is very confusing and stressful for the pets when they are moved from home to home. We prefer to keep their lives as normal as possible since many of them have already had their lives disrupted.

How can I become a volunteer? 

The first step is to submit the Volunteer Application form found on our webpage. Then our volunteer coordinator will contact you to discuss ways you can help. One of our biggest needs is for foster homes, but there are many other ways you can assist our organization.

What is involved in fostering a rescue pet? 

Our rescue group pays for all expenses and provides any needed equipment. The foster home provides the love and any training and rehabilitation that a pet may need. There is a support network of other fosters willing to give advice and assistance when needed.

So that I can keep my own much-loved pet, I need help. Does your organization provide assistance in this case? 

Our rescue group is different from many. We believe that the best home for a pet is typically the one where it is currently loved and cared for, so we will help when possible. In most cases, we will ask that you complete a “request for assistance” form, so that we can better understand the problem, and we’ll do our best to help you through the difficult time.

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